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To replenish the earth through state-of-the-art sustainable energy and circular solutions.


  • To deliver sustainable energy and residual materials management solutions through deployment of novel technologies which promote low carbon and circular economic growth
  • To provide analytical data, information and insights on sustainable materials for a low carbon and circular economy
  • To provide strategic and governance support which enable organizations to transition towards a low carbon and circular economy

The world is facing residual materials management problems resulting from the take, make, waste or linear economy model that is fuelled by fossil-based energy.

Not only are the materials and fossil-based energy resources needed for development finite; their extraction, processing and use give rise to climate disasters.

Meanwhile, many communities in the developing world are left with little to no option but to make use of various forms of biomass to meet energy needs. This practice exposes these communities to environmental and health risks.

At Boom Organix-Circular and Sustainable Solutions, we close the materials/resources loops by converting residual resources that would otherwise be wasted into valuable products, fuels, and energy. Our circular sustainable solutions are tailored to specific needs of economic or industrial sectors as well as to unique community contexts.


Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for treatment of residual materials from agro-industry, farms, forestry, municipalities, construction, mines, abattoirs, waste-water plants, Industry, food / fruit processing industries etc. to produce valuable products, fuels and energy.

  • Biochemical conversion eg. Anaerobic Digestion etc
  • Thermochemical conversion eg. Gasification etc
  • Carbon Capture and Utilisation eg BECCUS
  • Integrated biorefineries
  • Integrated energy systems
  • Digital technologies
  • Industrial ecology services

 Laboratory Services dedicated to supporting the decarbonised circular economy.

Compositional and structural analysis of biomass
Feedstock characterisation for optimal technology deployment
Analysis of bioprocess parameters
Biogas analysis
Proficiency testing schemes
Liquid biofuel analysis

 Governance and Corporate services to support decarbonised circular economy through:

Sustainable organization strategy services
Sustainability and Carbon certification
Bioenergy Policy research and analysis
Management Systems and Standards services

Mobile: +27 60 476 0942

Email us: info@boomorg.co.za

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